.RAW 13/4 Collection

project .RAW fashion & corporate design
year 2012 / 13
origin Hamburg, Ger
client self published

.RAW 13/4 Thesis

.RAW — Graduation Collection

‚Cool. People either have it or they don’t. It’s not manufactured.‘ (Marc Jacobs)

When I started designing this collection in mid 2012, I constantly had a special kind of woman in mind: Strong, confident, cool. Her personality decisively defined the clothes she was wearing. She was supposed to look casual cool – yet elegant and well dressed but with a certain twink of an eye. What came out was an all over white womenswear collection embracing rawness in making and selection of fabrics as well as sportive pattern and high tech materials in contrast to felt and leathers. Besides concepting and designing, I focused on setting up a detailed marketing concept including target group analysis, visualization of a label and it’s corporate identity as well as a probable shop concept and pr strategies.